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The Solitary Sword Sovereign (#wattys2016)

The Solitary Sword Sovereign (#wattys2016)

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The Onion Junktion By theonionjunktion Updated 6 days ago

One day, every human on earth was given a class and gained abilities. People gained levels and stats; like strength and agility. 

Will Chamberlain; a 16 year old, was given the class Water Meister. He had the ability to freely control water. An ability that had more than meets the eye. At the same time mysterious structures called dungeons showed up all around the world. Demons escaped from them, and attacked mankind. Those who conquered these dungeons, would be rewarded with power beyond their wildest dreams.This was not easy as they were filled with many dangers. Will decided to enter a dungeon.

 His power...water

His weapon...a katana

His true aim...immortality

His key....walking the martial path

His destiny.... to conquer the dao of the sword!

Join Will as he fights to build his own empire, in a world plagued with demons, dungeons and many more mysterious forces. "I am not controlled by the system, it shall be controlled by me. I will be a sovereign!"


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PhantomAnsem PhantomAnsem a day ago
When the author is just another guy who reads light novels and decided to write one.
Why does the part where it says normal is relative sounds like someone is describing me
Love4NovelGuy Love4NovelGuy Apr 27, 2016
Just try to put the 'he said' or 'he voiced in' after the sentences is my advice but if you're still not quite sure then try either reading a normal fantasy book from the library. If not then try finding one on Internet.
DennisGeschwindt DennisGeschwindt Jun 09, 2016
Really hope he meets his step mom and her kids in this new gamers world and is far and away better then them
iChrof iChrof Aug 29, 2016
Once I read he was in Britain I started reading with an English accent lol
Love4NovelGuy Love4NovelGuy Apr 27, 2016
I think it would be better if you write it without making it look like something that was translated out of a novel. Plus, too short and not interesting enough. Well, I think the idea still has some potential though.