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The Biggest Sinner By Pikminthree Updated Feb 24

Going to write short story of the Undertale Skelebros, there going to be fluff,smut maybe some blogging and them answer some questions you guys can put um... yeah this is going to be incest if you DON'T like this ship go to another story .3.

What is in that journal (insert Lenny face bc it's not working)
I'm over here trying to not choke XD Omg though.
                              but it taco tuesday XDD
Sans: Again? How many lemons did you look at this time?
                              Papyrus: None!
                              Sans: Pap...
                              Papyrus: Okay maybe 12... 15?
                              Sans: And how many of those did you write yourself this time?
                              Papyrus: All of themmm?
Roses are red
                              Cacti are prickly
                              I must say
                              That escalated quickly 
                              (I'm in the dead memes zone)
nerdydorito172 nerdydorito172 Sep 22, 2016
Hehehehe  yes , yes  * Corner now nerdy !* nuuuuuuu I don't wanna *GO. TO. THE. CORNER.* fine, but this is coming with me *NO FANFICS NERDY* ok Cora
HoneyInkPop HoneyInkPop Jul 17, 2016
Lordy wat? O-O why Papyrus your suppose to be innocent! DX..I approve **thumbs up**