Win me if you can(Arranged Teacher/Student Marriage) [COMPLETED] [Watty 2013]

Win me if you can(Arranged Teacher/Student Marriage) [COMPLETED] [Watty 2013]

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What if your parents forced you to get married? What if that one your going to marry is a teacher at your school who you know has a crush on you?

That's Exactly what happened to Danielle Brooks a beutiful young highschool girl who her parents decide to force her to get married to a young man called Nick cook which is also a teacher at her school who has a crush on her. Will this marriage work? how will Nick react to the marriage? how will Danielle react to Nick?

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LiveKanyHemmoStyles LiveKanyHemmoStyles Nov 09, 2017
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I know. I have a 4 year old broth and a 8 or 9 year old. And a older about 17 ow btw im almost 14
When you have to read it a few time. Then when you get it, it's like, "OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, okay."
sxdbxbygirl sxdbxbygirl Dec 25, 2017
Wow!  That's rude!  Why would you throw your brother in the air?