An Artsy Love [Nathanaël X Reader]

An Artsy Love [Nathanaël X Reader]

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(Y/n) just moved to Paris from Tokyo. Despite her age, she is a famous artist and fashion designer. She moves to Paris to continue her work. She would live with her cousin Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Soon enough, you knew her secret. A secret you must never tell anyone.

When (Y/n) tranferred to Marinette's school she slowly falls in love with a very talented artist. She never really expected that she would feel that way to anyone, especially to a boy. 

Though, this artist has a crush on her cousin and (Y/n) respected that but still, it broke her heart.

But what she doesn't know is that this boy's priority to draw is both (Y/n) and Marinette.

Will she be able to win the boy's heart or will she love another boy?


Credits to  : @Mochilita for the cover!

<slow updates because of school>

Nobody_Home Nobody_Home Dec 17, 2016
Yass B 
                              I'm famous for drawing stickman. Perfectly.
                              *flips hair*
ChiyakoColors ChiyakoColors Sep 27, 2016
I like how everyone is like ME ME ME
                              Kinda reminds me of those seagulls from finding Nemo, MINE MINE MINE
Miachan910 Miachan910 Dec 01, 2016
Me my adorable artist!!! Chose the artist (that actually draws pictures[people]) that is crushing on you!!!
ChocoleteQueen ChocoleteQueen Nov 30, 2016
laptopgirl27 laptopgirl27 Oct 04, 2016
Us 'cause when u marry us you'll be lawfully related to Mari 😋
KeeganSmit KeeganSmit Jan 01
Choose whoever you feel most drawn too.
                              Pun definitely not intended. Siriusly.