heart canvas ;; nathanael x reader

heart canvas ;; nathanael x reader

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(F/n) (L/n). The very talented and famous artist who has no experience in crushes whatsoever until a red haired male comes into her life. She didn't want to admit it but he seemed to cross her mind every now and then.

The amazing (F/n) having a crush on someone?! Impossible!

Oh, it's possible. All her life, she was never interested in getting in a relationship. But that was before, now she's eager to date someone she has eyes on.

They're very close but neither of them are ready to confess their feelings. 

Another girl-Seto Ayumu-loves to sabotage anything (F/n) does, now she's trying to take Nathanael, her so-called "fiancé", from her.

Everything is up to (F/n)'s choices. Will she compete with Ayumu? Or will she give up?


by: yours truly

<slow updates because of school>

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FishSoda FishSoda Jun 28
Well duh I'm famous!
                              For being a irl meme of course tf u thinkin
He wants the  menage trois!
                              Anyone watch family feud?
hmmm don't want to ruin adrenitte so chose me tomato child and I'll luv you 4evr
Not to be rude or anything but in the description it says she'd never thought she'd get these feeling for someone and  especially a boy and it makes it sound like she was a lesbian till she met Nathan and that makes me giggle
Frisknonian Frisknonian Mar 18
I guess i only found something wrong with wanting to squeeze Tiki! No one else....okay, bye.....
Well, that's enough for the day, onto the next thing lol *brain fizzles out*