heart canvas • nathanael x reader

heart canvas • nathanael x reader

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(F/n) (L/n). The very talented and famous artist who has no experience in crushes whatsoever until a red haired male comes into her life. She didn't want to admit it but he seemed to cross her mind every now and then.

The amazing (F/n) having a crush on someone?! Impossible!

Oh, it's possible. All her life, she was never interested in getting in a relationship. But that was before, now she's eager to date someone she has eyes on.

They're very close but neither of them are ready to confess their feelings. 

Another girl-Seto Ayumu-loves to sabotage anything (F/n) does, now she's trying to take Nathanael, her so-called "fiancé", from her.

Everything is up to (F/n)'s choices. Will she compete with Ayumu? Or will she give up?


by: yours truly

<slow updates because of school>

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FishSoda FishSoda Jun 28, 2017
Well duh I'm famous!
                              For being a irl meme of course tf u thinkin
PacifinaxGenos PacifinaxGenos Jul 17, 2017
He wants the  menage trois!
                              Anyone watch family feud?
huntressBianca247 huntressBianca247 Oct 27, 2017
Forth wall : *breaks* 
                              Chiron: demigods,
                              The seven +me, Nico: we'll clean it Chiron.
roseylovesall roseylovesall Jun 18, 2017
hmmm don't want to ruin adrenitte so chose me tomato child and I'll luv you 4evr
killua-freecs killua-freecs Apr 26, 2017
Not to be rude or anything but in the description it says she'd never thought she'd get these feeling for someone and  especially a boy and it makes it sound like she was a lesbian till she met Nathan and that makes me giggle
Frisknonian Frisknonian Mar 18, 2017
I guess i only found something wrong with wanting to squeeze Tiki! No one else....okay, bye.....