Tale of Two Princes - Mikayuu

Tale of Two Princes - Mikayuu

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Was Crimsonwish By electricmika Updated Dec 22, 2016

A tale of two princes only wanting to seek out love and peace between both their kingdoms and for themselves, but how will their futures play out in the hands of fate itself?

An additional AU that was going to be in my main Mikayuu Scenario fan fic, but I decided to make this one stand alone!~

I do not own any characters from the anime series, Owari no Seraph.
Completely fan-made

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I accept it know but if i see any sad bs i will never forgive you \(T-T)/ \\\٩(๑`^´๑)۶////
fallingmistinthedark fallingmistinthedark Apr 26, 2016
                              Can they play chess!? 
                              ALso great start and I can not wait for more!
TheCandyChild TheCandyChild Apr 26, 2016
Awww, Yuu-chan :( I really like this so far, keep up the great work!
*runs around yelling GAYYY* *dad frowns and is taller than me* *gasp* YUU-CHAN I CAN RELATE
flowingdream flowingdream Jul 13, 2016
AWWW Yuu-Chan I hope your people will like you some day. Love this story
I've got a blank space baby~ and I'll write your name *pulls out death note*