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Riotic By Riotic Updated Jan 11

Chat visits Marinette all the time 
Each of them still clueless to the fact that they are both ladybug and Adrien.

(This will be a very fluffy fan fiction... And... Maybe there will be a lemon/smut but idk, I'll give a warning in the beginning of the chapter if so)

valpowromance valpowromance 5 days ago
OMG CHAT U..... COME........HER.......
                              U ........DID THAT........ WITH.......OMG
                              WHO WAS IT
                              *me and my mind*😗😗
kougyuko- kougyuko- May 27, 2016
...XD i'm sorry but...i think you mean't to say...PURRIFIED XD OH NO
LionCraftDragneel LionCraftDragneel Nov 06, 2016
YOU SUMMONED ME whats your 13 wishes 10 more for the lemon/smut XD
gaby518 gaby518 Sep 05, 2016
Me when someone mentions leaving my room (aka my place no one else goes in bc they scared to)
SatanicCobra SatanicCobra Nov 07, 2016
Chat; Like um uh.....well....fluff (CENSORING CHAT NOIR WAY) 
                              Me; Same Here Kitty,
                              Chat; Really?!
                              Me; Yeah, I hope you start feel-ine better soon 😘😂
                              Chat; -,- I. Hate. You
                              Me; You Love Me I'm Purr-fect~
                              Chat; *leaves*
                              Me; WHATS WRONG?! CHAT GOT YOUR TOUNGE?!
FangirlingDemon FangirlingDemon Oct 26, 2016
I saw lemon/smut in the description and now I'm here. Author-chan, you have summoned me. :3