Unrequited Love?

Unrequited Love?

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AiCon By TouMikasa Updated 4 days ago

Ai Habara that is in the same position (shrunk to a little kid) as Conan Edogawa continued to make the antidote, dedicating most of her time making the antidote so she'll be able to bring back the little detective to his real self. Shinichi Kudo. But, on the journey of the two together.. Will something between the two develop or will it always be just a one-sided love?

An Ai Haibara x Edogawa Conan fanfiction


Disclaimer: I do not own Detective Conan nor the characters in the story and most of the cases I used here (except for the characters I made up and some cases)

I was reading he first sentence yet I'm already hooked! 😁