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Missed Me?

Missed Me?

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lol despair By glitchcity Completed

I run in an ally and cover my ears.

"Oh Jaden! Bae!" She yelled.

"Leave me alone! I'm sorry I treated you like a toy! Please don't come closer!" I yell.

All of a sudden, it got quiet.

I sighed in relief. But then she threw the knife next to me.

She got close to me and smirked.

"Sorry, Jaden! You played with girl's emotions and broke their hearts! But now it's your turn to get your heart broken...


nirvana-vibez nirvana-vibez Jul 16, 2016
mulananani mulananani Jun 30, 2016
oop Halle Skye the one rivers supporters don't like anymore 😭 i won't get in they business thooo
lilXmissXtay lilXmissXtay Aug 21, 2016
What is this marrige com'on now people go back to drinking your coffee
mulananani mulananani Jun 30, 2016
the fact that i just saw a #tweetabondthatcantbebroken of Noah and Jaden omg 😛
Smilekins Smilekins Aug 14, 2016
I'm the type of girlfriend to tell u in the beginning of the relationship that if you break my heart you will get murdered plain and simple
_DDndBNBish_ _DDndBNBish_ Jun 22, 2016
She shall end up no where tf she needs to  be left alone before I slap u three ways from Sunday