Son of the Moon (bxb mpreg)

Son of the Moon (bxb mpreg)

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Artemis Moon By BloodyDemonCreator Completed

Naruto is the only child born from maiden goddess, Artemis (just like in the episodes and manga on how Minato and Kushina met Kushina is actually Artemis in disguise but Minato still loves her) Artemis fell in love with Minato and became pregnant with Naruto.

 After Naruto's birth, thanks to the laws Zeus placed, Artemis can't be with Naruto to raise him. After 12 years and sick of the villagers and Naruto's friends and teachers (except for Tsunade, Jiraiya) constantly belittling him, she came to Kohona and took Naruto with her and brought him to Camp Half-Blood.

No one knows that Artemis is Naruto's mother, how would they react when they do?

Can Sasuke find love or will his hatred control his life?

(If anyone has a problem about genderbend Hades, please don't read)
Female Hades 
Hades is infurtile (unable to have children) ((I will have a picture up on what Hades will look like))

LeahNarciso LeahNarciso Jul 19, 2016
More... This story is really good😀😀😀. But i want to know what's gonna happen next 😔😔😔😖😖😖😱😱😱😱. So gonna wait for the next one