Used (A Fifth Harmony/ You Story)

Used (A Fifth Harmony/ You Story)

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Sydney By agbxharmony Updated 2 days ago

attempt number two!!

No ones pov

Y/n can't help the smile that consumes her face after her girlfriend, Camila, leaves a loving kiss on her cheek as they lay together in the darkness. The moonlight shining through the window was the only source of light.

"You look beautiful." Camila compliments and watches as Y/n's cheeks turn a dark shade of red, which she can see even though the dim light. 

"Stop it." Y/n whines while attempting at frowning but it comes out more as a half smile rather than a frown. 

The two girls are relaxing in Y/n's bed while holding each other in their arms. There was a movie playing but they both knew that they weren't going to watch it, so they shut it off.

"Never." Camila says while nuzzling herself  closer into Y/n, if it was even possible.

Y/n smiles at her girlfriends cute actions and holds her tighter against her side. "How come you didn't have to go to the studio?" Y/n asks Camila since her four other girlfriends and recording for their upcoming albu...

The_kidSam The_kidSam Dec 17, 2016
Wow, really gone do me like that?! Ok👌👍 but don't get jealous wen u see im with kendall j. Or cara d. In the future
for some reason when reading the last sentence i got these IDWLF vibes
bítches don't trust bruhh i woulda left that relationship already
HeyItsAllysus HeyItsAllysus Dec 26, 2016
B-b-b-but Normani........ *Flips table* MY WHOLE LIFE IS A LIE!
uh bítch what? no ones gonna stop me from seeing my best friend especially if it's Kenny
loveann13 loveann13 Jan 13