A Part-By-Part Guide To Writing Warriors Fanfiction

A Part-By-Part Guide To Writing Warriors Fanfiction

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WARRIORS MADNESS By Warriors-Madness Completed

The longest title ever.. but it is pretty self-explanatory.

For the record, this is Warrior Cats fanfiction.

I wrote this ages ago, and it might not really be the best advice, so.. keep that in mind?

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pyukumuku99 pyukumuku99 Mar 25
Ive finished the first book i was typing. I created my one cover. :3
birdfancier birdfancier Jun 14
"Save the day"?
                              Nah dude, Mistyhaze'll save the day by exiling his best friend.
I'm writing a fanfic... The hero is a guy named Heronwing! Right now he's Heronpaw.
Dapplefang Dapplefang Apr 10
So the main character in my story is Nightflash..
                              Black tom, green eyes, self doubtful, over thinker...
_xPineTree_ _xPineTree_ Mar 25
Uh idc if you do or not butt I want your opinion on my fanfic xD https://www.wattpad.com/story/141679732-a-darkened-path-warriors
birdfancier birdfancier Jun 14
That first fur color part?
                              Not tryin' to be rude, but that eliminated a lot of fur colors XD