Zodiac Adventures [Requests Closed]

Zodiac Adventures [Requests Closed]

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Emerald By Painted_Crimson Updated Dec 05, 2016

Yes, you should be worried.

We are piling all of the signs into one book and making them have strange adventures that nobody has any idea what they came from.

Yeah, it's going to be weird. And awesome. 

>> Twitter: @SpiffyEmerald
>> Wishbone: @spiffyemerald27

I do not own any pictures and/or videos used in this unless I explicitly say I created it. (PS I made the cover but not the emojis or picture in the background obviously I'm not some crazy millionaire photographer).


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Yeah, pretty much. I'm eating right now. It's 1:58 am. I have no shame
darkoceanA5 darkoceanA5 Aug 06
That's me even tho I'm a cancer and he must be listening to kpop
Wait, wait, wait............is that Akashi seijurou or someone else?
owokawaii owokawaii Jul 25
Yess queen!! girl or boy lol nice hot dude i bet i have some nice abs 😻
Wolfie82 Wolfie82 May 23
Cancer is the only one with a 0, so are all the others sitting on tables?
Ha lel Scorpio and Aquarius sitting together will be awkward because one will be reading a book while the other will be listening to music