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my alpha mate forced me to...

my alpha mate forced me to...

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cammie .H. By cammie1212 Updated Aug 31, 2014

Nickolas James Wood is your typical hottie; fun to be around, sexy as hell, a WEREWOLF, and of corce what hottie dosent have a reputation for being an ASSHOLE.  but this alpha to be is horrible, ruthless, and powerful. He has been waiting for a mate his whole life just to beat the shit out of her for not being there for her, fucking her like hell, and makeing her his personal slave.  But what happens when his mate is not a werewolf or a human? what is she if she can make things appere out of thin air?  who are the people that seem to be constantly after her? and who are the people she calls " friends"?  can nick be a good protector or will he be the "mate" he always said he would be a DOUCHEBAG?  WARNING some swear words and sexual seans and my horrible spelling.                       .        Vv.                                                                                                                                       .please give this book a chance its better than the description

15rscooby 15rscooby Jul 25, 2016
I dont mind editing for you if you want? Not sure how much i'll be able to do in a certain amount of time but i can give it my best shot
BlackButlerZero BlackButlerZero Dec 19, 2016
I can do that too please pick me me ooh ooh pick me🤓🤓🤓🤓
BlackButlerZero BlackButlerZero Dec 19, 2016
I will ooh ooh pick me *waves hand like crazy looking like Hermione Granger*
vanessaforeverlove vanessaforeverlove Aug 12, 2016
Spelling and grammar is disgusting. I'm so sorry. But on the good side a really unique plot and not too cliche. :)
sillylilyana sillylilyana Sep 10, 2014
Love your story, but ways it spaced out so much? Other wise I'm hooked❤️