POINT OF VIEW → bts fanfiction

POINT OF VIEW → bts fanfiction

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︎ ☁︎︎マウラ By loudestminds- Completed


When the shyest girl and the most popular boy at school switch bodies, their lives are turned upside down as they catch a glimpse into completely different perspectives of life. 

 She learns to live. He learns to love.

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this bitch is lonely at least speak to your dog or something to get a facial expression out of him smh i don’t understand why you’d speak to a fish
aug2dmin aug2dmin Apr 06
Why this remind me of Flounder? Maybe it was the blue fins description xD
Is it because the point of view she's switched with is able to only finish stories??
ksk_x_r ksk_x_r Jun 23
This is so accurate it makes me mad
                              I never rlly write my stories down tho whoops
echonebulae echonebulae Mar 13
Im actually happy that there are ppl can relate to this
                              Well, im not alone 😂
I'll be starting the first sentence of a story while mentally creating a different plot for another story...