Kpop One Shots [SHORT HIATUS]

Kpop One Shots [SHORT HIATUS]

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KpopManiac By Anniekpop Updated Jul 18

Many short stories of your favorite idols, dozens of possibilities, a single girl with no life and lots of free time. 

Requests Closed as of now! 
Until I catch up on the requests I have then I'll re-open them~Thank you for Understanding!

If you'd like to read my stories then please do! Also if you have a specific male idol you want me to do then let me know, I'm open for suggestions! Just private message me or leave a comment >~<

I don't want to repeat idols, atleast not for the same person...

Noirpiment Noirpiment Jul 11
2.) Myungsoo and Sungyeol (Infinite)
                              Plot: Myungsoo is a Fanboy of Sungyeol. Sungyeol is a bad boy Actor in Korea. One day, the manager of Yeolie Met Myungsoo then Invited him to become the Secretary of Yeolie
Noirpiment Noirpiment Jul 11
3.) Hoya and Dongwoo (Infinite)
                              Plot: Hoya and Dongwoo both love Barney. In a Barney Concert something, they Met and their love story begun!
                              Thank you! ;) :* :)
Noirpiment Noirpiment Jul 11
4.) Myungsoo and Sungjong (Infinite)
                              Plot: Myungsoo and Sungjong are in a relationship not until Myungsoo met Sungyeol and Sungjong became really Jelous.
Noirpiment Noirpiment Jul 11
1.) Sunggyu and Woohyun! (Infinite). 
                              Plot: Sunggyu and Woohyun are BESTFRIENDS then Sunggyu experiences a weird feeling towards Woohyun until he realizes that he is inlove with his bestfriend.
psychotagon psychotagon Dec 14, 2016
hey do you accept request of 24k member? i would like to request since this is a kpop imagine ^_^
Cemre01 Cemre01 Dec 08, 2016
Can i request Pentagon's Yeo one please? Use Jaime. She doesn't believe in love and never asked out by somebody then Yeo one the school's player tries to make her believe in love. Not too fluffy please :)