saving niall ➳ z.h + l.s ✔

saving niall ➳ z.h + l.s ✔

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warning: contains self harm/self-loathing
  "Why do you keep hurting yourself like this?" 

"Because, Zayn, I deserve it." 

"Niall, you can't possibly believe that." 

"Everyone believes it, Zayn. Nobody will ever love me the way Harry loves Louis. The way Liam loves Sophia. The-the way you love P-Perrie." Niall whispered the last part.

"I'll love you like that," Zayn whispered softly.


  Niall is depressed, suicidal, lonely and mistreated by fans but Zayn is there to help.

Book one in Saving Niall series. 
  (Currently editing as of May 29, 2016)

  • blood
  • cut
  • depressed
  • depression
  • direction
  • gay
  • harm
  • harry
  • hate
  • larry
  • liam
  • louis
  • love
  • niall
  • one
  • sad
  • stylinson
  • suicide
  • zayn
orianabbb orianabbb Jan 21
I wanted to say the period joke and be all original and funny well....
KaylorCaKeStylinson KaylorCaKeStylinson Dec 10, 2017
No. He's not a bad singer. He's so amazing. Sometimes, his voice makes me prego. He's that good. Niall, you're such an amazing singer. ❤❤❤
Roses1712 Roses1712 Mar 24, 2017
This story! Niall is having a meltdown, and meanwhile in the next room, Larry is having sex! (I still love this story!)
crystalwaterfall983 crystalwaterfall983 Dec 09, 2017
If  almost everyone is saying he's on his period way hasn't any one gave him pads, tanponds ,chocolate, and Midol?
JordiRiley JordiRiley Oct 01, 2016
That just gave the phrase "suck my dick" a whole other meaning.
prisci1618 prisci1618 Jan 16, 2017
i'm gonna actually cry at the thought that zayn would've actually had niall sleep with him. for comfort, of course ..