In The Dark|| AlliCattt and Chad Perez UNDER CONSTRUCTION}|||| ON HOLD!!!!!!

In The Dark|| AlliCattt and Chad Perez UNDER CONSTRUCTION}|||| ON HOLD!!!!!!

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a. || pookie By mkmstan Updated May 15, 2017

FIRST BOOK OF THE In The Dark series:
  Meet Alli Fitz.
A 17 year old girl from Ohio 

Alli seems like that kind of girl that you can't break. She seems so fearless and strong. Well actually, the truth is that she's falling weak everyday. 

Day after day of constant abuse from her horrid step father Jordan, having no where to go. 

While her mother goes on a far away business trip, Alli becomes completely fearful of what Jordan could do to her and there not being her mother there to go to. 

After being completely fed up with Jordan's bullshit, she does something unforgettable. Something that you can't shake.

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FriendlyDragon478 FriendlyDragon478 Jun 24, 2016
I was wondering where this story came from (I watched the video Allicatt & Chad made) but I searched it on Wattpad and BOOM! Here it is!!
AtethyiaSora AtethyiaSora May 19, 2016
Yep. But I think I might wait. I'm always reading different books and I don't wanna get plot mixed with something else. It depends.
TsunamiKush TsunamiKush Aug 11, 2016
No that means when we wake in the morning we have something to look forward to
wildwriter wildwriter Apr 29, 2016
Did u know allicat and Chad themself read this on her video. Also it's really good plz update
AtethyiaSora AtethyiaSora May 19, 2016 too.............. But anyway I like the book it's really good
chanaenae88 chanaenae88 May 22, 2016
Here from the video. I have been looking for this fic for FOREVER