Thirst; Ereri

Thirst; Ereri

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;Killer? No, I love you. I'm protecting you from the dangers of this world;

//Warning:// I wrote this shit when I was a fetus so there might be some spelling mistakes or some cringey stuff. I will edit it later on but I can't right now since when I try to proof read it I cringe so hard at all my dirty minded writting. You have been warned, enjoy.

//Highest Rank: Number 32.// I can't believe it.

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PrettyJazzuy123girl PrettyJazzuy123girl Nov 09, 2017
Aye I bet when he snapped out of it he was PETRAfied and was about to be HALFway dead inside and he wouldn't be able to hold his Jean(horses)
tonaltyler tonaltyler Nov 28, 2017
petra is confused bc she is surrounded by attractive homosapiens of the male gender
I’m the only one feeling bad for Petra 😂. Her heart is going to get split in half