Thirst; Ereri

Thirst; Ereri

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;Killer? No, I love you. I'm protecting you from the dangers of this world;

//Warning:// I wrote this shit when I was a fetus so there might be some spelling mistakes or some cringey stuff. I will edit it later on but I can't right now since when I try to proof read it I cringe so hard at all my dirty minded writting. You have been warned, enjoy.

//Highest Rank: Number 32.// I can't believe it.

YEA_BOI_456 YEA_BOI_456 Jul 06
Isayama university is where you learn how to make people cry by killing off their favorite characters one by one until they are left alone in a dark corner of despair with an ice cream bowl and a puddle of tears.
YEA_BOI_456 YEA_BOI_456 Jul 06
I swear to yato if you touch a hair on his blond coconut head I will throw a brick at your face, rip out your eyes, and shove them down your throat. Armin is off limits.
"i stared at well built body as h he dried it off with his shirt" ≧∇≦(/ω\)
LeviYJaeger LeviYJaeger Aug 06
No not at all, you just go there EVERY SINGLE DAY to SEE a man
ErerismyOTP ErerismyOTP Aug 02
*sniff* *even longer sniff* Its Eren he's talking about... its dat ass... it's distracting.
He is! He's thinking about his customers, he is focusing on his job!