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Summer By rosenblute Updated Mar 26, 2017

Transferring to Fudan University - one of international university network right after his first year in collage ended is not what Dayu plan to do, but it's happen. May be he can start a new life there and forget the past behind.

The only one thing he wants is being left unnoticed, but he can't so much dream about it now. No, when you are the center of attention for one of the basketball star of Fudan University, Wang Qing. Or you can say the most one man that every girl wants on spotlight. For Dayu, Wang Qing is just another rich spoiled brat who knows nothing about life.

Or is he? 

The more Dayu learn about Wang Qing, the more he think he is wrong about him. May be Wang Qing isn't just a brat.

He is bearing something heavy and dark on his shoulders, and suddenly Dayu find himself entangled  with Wang Qing life, becomes the only one light of hopes for Wang Qing.


O.K guys!! I know I still need to update the next chapter for ChuiGer part in my other story, but I can't denied the new idea for this one!!! 
So please bear with me >....<
BUT!!! I BRING QINGYU for Qingge and Dayu beloved daughter !!!
I hope you guys love it!!!

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Please stop plagiarizing this work. You have no shame. Stop hurting our favorite author. PLEASE STOP!!!!!!!! Make your own, using your own nutshell. FOR ALL THE READERS OF THIS STORY, THIS IS PLAGIARIZED PLEASE STOP THIS AUTHOR FROM STEALING IT FROM THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR, BLUESTEE FROM ASIANFANFICS.
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PLAGIARIST!!! Stop plagiarism!!! The original fic is by Bluestee on asianfanfics!!!
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I really hate people who plagiarise
                              the real author doesn't deserve that
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I think this is my 3rd time reading this story. Its so interesting
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i really like your work. Is this your original work or a translation or inspired from a novel?