Scarlet Desires

Scarlet Desires

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Angela Okoduwa By Angelique_Esmeralda Updated Jan 03

"I hate you, Donald Hamilton." She said bluntly. "I hated you the first time we met in the mall, I hated you more when we met in the elevator and my hatred for you now is immeasurable."

Weary of all her profanities, he suddenly seized her by slipping an arm around her waist and pulling and flattening her body against his before he seized her lips in his, kissing her against her wish. After some seconds when she forcefully tore away from him, she lifted her hand to strike him across the face but he caught her forearm mid air and swiftly spun her around to flatten her back and body against his chest and he wrapped an arm across her chest to her other shoulder, holding her there and his other arm wrapped around her stomach, imprisoning her arms to her side, then he leaned down and whispered to her ear. 

"Did I tell you how gorgeous you look when you get this furious?" She started struggling in his arms to set herself free but he held her firmly, whispering; "shrrr, shrrr, shrrr... It's no use fighting me, Kittie, no use at all. We both know that you want me as bad as I want you but you are just too obstinate to accept that." 


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Galaxyviv14 Galaxyviv14 Dec 17, 2017
Agh I love him I watch the show white collar that he plays in
KittyKatt134 KittyKatt134 Dec 05, 2017
Um African American don't have an accent. Unless they were raised on a different language like hatians or Africans then they don't have an accent. It's not any different than the way white people speak. They just use allot of slang.
Angelique_Esmeralda Angelique_Esmeralda Feb 04, 2017
There's a way the black Americans speak. It's distinguished from the way the whites or pure blacks speak. Try their movies and find out.
Angelique_Esmeralda Angelique_Esmeralda Dec 15, 2016
Actually, both. Just a imaginary picture to describe how she looks like but they are just fiction.
Tayathot Tayathot Feb 20, 2017
I kinda love your story ;) can't wait for the next chapter :) Angelique
cupidkid11 cupidkid11 May 01, 2016
Am kinda curious n anxious as to what the story is all abt n roles of each charactes but i think i already have a like for d 1st two characters