Yui's Naughty Sister ~Diabolik Lovers~

Yui's Naughty Sister ~Diabolik Lovers~

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ZheAmazingTiger By ZheAmazingTiger Updated Dec 07, 2017

Akemi Is Yui's adopted YOUNGER sister 


Akemi was Found By Seji Komori In the pile of snow probably left do die, but since he's the priest  all priests do good,

He took her in.
Ever Since that day, Akemi Was Happy.

Yui and Akemi were always close, but then, they slowly despised each other.

Seji got fed up with Akemi and Yui so they let them go to his 'close' relatives house to stay there.

Wanna Join her silly Adventure?

Why was Akemi left to die in the Snow? 
Why did Yui and Akemi hate each other? 
Why was Seji fed up? 

I guess you have to read to find out.
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A talk with the Author: 
-I do not own Diabolik Lovers. 
-I own Akemi ONLY 
-I don't own the videos, pictures, gifs, songs.
-Yui is Stupid.
-Read this book if your feeling down.
-I promise you it will make you laugh your eyes out- 
-I Thank ILoveWolvezz For the Cover!
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teenwitch999 teenwitch999 Oct 18, 2017
Totally me when I was playing with sparklers in the house and the curtains  caught on fire 😵😵😵
dirtyangel666 dirtyangel666 Jun 21, 2017
Same! Yay, finally someone you doesn't say they hate people with dirty minds!
KookieSuga KookieSuga Dec 04, 2017
that is so me. one time I accidentally burned our curtains xD
thebighype thebighype Aug 31, 2017
IM TRIGGERED IM EMO GOT A PROBLEM?! Its not like i care or anything! *huffs*
HomosexualHorsie HomosexualHorsie Nov 13, 2017
I can tell you I am extremely in love with cats but I’m allergic :/
17_KatE-XO_BTS 17_KatE-XO_BTS Sep 23, 2017
It's officially approved she is related to Ayato and the brothers.