Yui's Naughty Sister ~Diabolik Lovers~

Yui's Naughty Sister ~Diabolik Lovers~

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ZheAmazingTiger By ZheAmazingTiger Updated Aug 30

Akemi Is Yui's adopted YOUNGER sister 


Akemi was Found By Seji Komori In the pile of snow shivering with no Memories and decided to keep her

Ever Since, Akemi Was Happy.

She Even Trusted Yui But later She Never Trusted Her Ever Again Because she broke a very Dangerous Promise That Made  Her Life a living Hell.

Your 'Father' Then Sent you guys to the Sakamaki

Wanna Join her silly Adventure?

Her Family?

Who is her Family?

Read to find out. *~*

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Hmm isint Subaru shirt tempered and that's a dislike but she likes the brothers??
Same! Yay, finally someone you doesn't say they hate people with dirty minds!
IM TRIGGERED IM EMO GOT A PROBLEM?! Its not like i care or anything! *huffs*
FaiRune FaiRune May 13
She is naming every characters by their personality here lmao XD
EmptySinks EmptySinks May 13
Sebastian would love you. *sipping tea elegantly*
Akari_Kitty Akari_Kitty May 01
So she's is the exact person the triplets would be if they were combined , but she's a girl.