The Dates

The Dates

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Elly By Warrior_Elli Updated Dec 30, 2016


Dick Grayson saw dates. He never knew what they meant, but he saw them. But when a certain date came up, July 15, he finally understood. He saw the date of when people were going to die. Only when he touches his skin against them.

After that day, he ran. And he has been on the run for years. But what happens when a certain ginger runs into him and touched his arm.

Will he try to save him? Or will he let fate be?

Started : Nov. 5, 2016
Ended :

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                              Two. We are playing this song in band
EmmIsNerdy EmmIsNerdy Sep 24, 2016
                              JUST TO GET A GLIMPSE BEYOND THIS ILLUSION
                              I WAS SOARING EVER HIGHER
                              BUT I FLEW TOO HIGH
WeirdWolfGirl WeirdWolfGirl Sep 30, 2016
                              YOU WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER
                              CARRY ON
                              NOTHING EQUALS THE SPLENDERRRR
                              NOW YOUR LIFES NO LONGER EMPTY
                              SURELY HEAVEB WAITS FOR YOUUUUUUU
Booky_The_Worm Booky_The_Worm Dec 04, 2016
One day when Supernatural end,(who am I kidding someone'll keep selling their souls for the show to carry on), we'll listen to this song and CRY
Battonetta Battonetta Jan 01
What better way to celebrate America's independence than a little bit of festive murder, am I right?
_FireHusky_ _FireHusky_ Oct 23, 2016
Carry on my Wayward Son! And Supernatural is 'Awesome'. As Dean would say 🤘