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Libra23 By Libra23 Completed

He wasn't new!

He's been around for years! 

Sadly the only thing she really knew about him was that they called him. . . 



Chris Brown as BLONDIE
Rihanna as Robyn  "Beauty" Johnson

Story inspired by and dedicated to an idea of one of my great readers @tiffanipowell

  • betrayal
  • blonde
  • chrianna
  • chrisbrown
  • danger
  • death
  • lies
  • love
  • lust
  • money
  • murder
  • mystery
  • rihanna
  • romance
  • suspense
  • wattys2016
Tiffanip Tiffanip Apr 25, 2016
Who would have thought they would see each other again since he only has sec with girls once I wonder will beauty be and exception
elisenicole2 elisenicole2 Apr 23, 2016
OMG!!!!! This might be my new fav of yours!!!!! I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it!!!!!
robynsmybaby robynsmybaby Apr 25, 2016
Oh lord he's too much lol! She better pretend like she doesn't know him lol hurt his ego
ErikaB9 ErikaB9 Apr 26, 2016
Honestly, Tyga can't ball for💩from what I witnessed personally😂
Lisa_Mechelle Lisa_Mechelle Apr 25, 2016
OMG he needs to be knocked down a few notches cuz he really feeling himself. She need to swerve his ass real quick. LOL!!
PatriceMain PatriceMain Apr 24, 2016
Here is another great one. Man you are good🤗🤗🤗 Yesterday was my birthday and I spent most of the morning reading your stories. Your stories really give me life. I really don't read much, but you stories got me totally hook.