A True Gentleman Ciel X Reader

A True Gentleman Ciel X Reader

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-Aaliyah-♡ By -ItsAaliyah Completed

~Your P.O.V.~
"________! Are you almost finished? The carriage has arrived"mother yelled from downstairs.
I finished tying my hair and looked in the mirror one last time.
My long (F/C)  dress fell to my ankles and has white bows.
I grabbed my matching mask and then took a deep breath.
"I'm coming mother!"i said and left my room.
When i walked down, i saw mother and father, both in fancy wear.
"Come to the carriage, sweetheart, or we will be too late"father said, and i nodded.

I stepped into the carriage and sat down next to mother.
The carriage started riding and father took place facing mother.
"Don't forget to put in your mask, _______" mother said and smiled at me.
I looked down at the mask and then put it on.
"Here, let me help you" mother said and i turned my back towards her.
She tied the mask so that it wouldn't come loose tonight.
"Thank you"i said and smiled.

We were going to a masked ball, of lord Phantomhive.
Father says that he is a big client of him, even though he is sm...

But, how do I not embarrass myself when I'm sitting all alone?
He said, and I quote. don't socialize with people because I want you to be a lonely bîtch. End quote : )
Kitty1304 Kitty1304 Jul 02
Wow.....I'm so smart. Just randomly follow someone i barley know after hearing my father say "Don't talk to people, and don't follow people. Broke those two already. Welp, lets see if i mess up even more!
Humm, don't follow people and don't talk to people..  Oh god when am I going to embarrass myself!
TheSmallestRebel TheSmallestRebel 2 days ago
'Don't follow anyone' cos I want you to be socially awkward girl when you grow up
Is her dad Undertaker? Sorry hehe, client and stuff so yeah...