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Ask the states!

Ask the states!

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xXFallenHeroXx By xXFallenHeroXx Updated 12 hours ago

Hello everyone! This is a book where you can ask, dare, and request all 50 states! Pretty simple concept really.

NY: Fall why the hell do we have to do this?

Fall: Because it's fun!!

Tex: This'll be great! Come on y'all let's do this!

NY: I hate you all.

HI: Well we love you New York!!

AmericaFreedomJones AmericaFreedomJones Apr 23, 2016
I think I'm going to run away now. I have a strong feeling that all the states hate me now
rejected_skele rejected_skele Apr 23, 2016
*drags over George Washington* INTRODUCE THIS PERSON TO EVERYONE
AmericaFreedomJones AmericaFreedomJones Apr 23, 2016
Cab you please descreibe the pain Hawaii and America went through during Pearl Harbor, and what's your honest views of other nations?