Revenge On You

Revenge On You

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Janice Martana By fourlocks Completed

Hyemi is always get bullied by Baekhyun , since highschool Baekhyun never stop bullying her. Why? Because she's fat and chubby. Baekhyun teased her a lot and make her cry a lot. 

One day Baekhyun became a successful businessman and they meet again in a meeting for a big collaboration project. 

Baekhyun didn't know at first that she's Hyemi , the girl that he bullied for 3 years. Now she's back making a plan for the revenge with the body that everyman worship. 

What will Baekhyun react when he knows that he attract to the girl that he ones bullied?

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I am 152 cm tall and I am freaking 57 kg heavy! I am not even 14 yet!
OMG I wish I am skinny and not fat. Sometimes I wonder why can't everyone be the same weight and size?
random_person67 random_person67 Oct 16, 2017
Really, then I'm underweight since I'm 172 cm and 54 kg......
PettyGirls18 PettyGirls18 Sep 12, 2017
Dang I live in Seattle like someone Asian people come to go to udub
ae_yeonnie ae_yeonnie Jan 15
Damn I'm skinnier than her, I recently got back from taekwondo after a year break and I weighed around 48kg but after three months I went from 48kg to 41kg
disnehchanyeol disnehchanyeol May 07, 2017
U poor child, u can't escape, I may be a devil but I know its ur fate not to leave 😈😈😈