Head Over Heels For You | Meanie

Head Over Heels For You | Meanie

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Emma| HIATUS By sweaterpawwonwoo Completed

Mingyu's in love with Wonwoo but doesn't realise it. Wonwoo's in love with Mingyu and he knows it. 

The thing is that Mingyu doesn't know about his feelings for Wonwoo. With the help of Boonon, Junhao, Soonhoon, Seokmin and two other couples will they be together?

Or instead they will never know about one anothers feelings and move on?

  • boonon
  • dino
  • jihan
  • junhao
  • meanie
  • mingyu
  • seokmin
  • seungcheol
  • seventeen
  • soonhoon
  • wonwoo
Okay, I'm putting him as 3rd place in my bias list. Sorry Junhui
What? When? Who is this? Wonwoo is seriously handsome!! He is one of my 9 biases. Come at me if you say that's illegal
Dakota1Choi Dakota1Choi 6 days ago
I had a take a deep breathe before this one. GREAT JOB, WON A WOO ( cus carats won a woo to be placed in their seventeen collection ) YOU HAVE SMILING BRIGHTLY IN THE MIDDLE OF .... SLEEPING! Yeah! I was totally sleeping *pours coffee away* ( I AM SO SORRY COFFEE )
Someone tell me if I'm still alive cause I feel like I just died
How I feel everyday. But their all beautiful!!! Wonwoo is also my bias soooo....
Chickenlittle2k18 Chickenlittle2k18 2 days ago
hah, boi, you still handsome. I am the one who looks like potatoe with glasses