Yandere! Little Brother x Sister! Reader ^_^ (18+)

Yandere! Little Brother x Sister! Reader ^_^ (18+)

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Yukino Amano By YukinoAmano Completed

(Y/n)-chan and her little brother, Akihiro are the only ones left in the house. (Y/n)-chan is always there for Aki, no matter how problems they encounter.

But Aki has a secret. What is it?

Warning: Lemon

Readers must be 18+ and have the consent to read. Thanks ^_^

i'm somehow used to saying this everytime i'm going to eat... my friend who learn japanese often say this so i think i got it from her...
Espeones_Chan Espeones_Chan Dec 18, 2016
"(Y/n)-nee is the one who became the breadwinner of our house." I'm a duck now? Lol
horselove2004 horselove2004 Oct 22, 2016
As i was reading about akihiro I was thinking about my little brother who is 4 years younger than me and does look like a gender bent version of me it was weird
Fedora-Chan Fedora-Chan Nov 06, 2016
Was I the only one that just thought of Kanato when he said this
Amy-and-Mia Amy-and-Mia Dec 22, 2016
TchCaptianLevi TchCaptianLevi Dec 11, 2016
Get that meat thing away from me. How about we eat something with no dead animal carcasses please?