Once In A Millennium

Once In A Millennium

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What if Stiles was kicked out of McCall-Hale pack?
What if Stiles had known about the supernatural before Scott was bitten?
What if Stiles was the supernatural?

I suppose the chance of this is only One in a Millennium...

Set after Season 3a

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Aysekaranis Aysekaranis Feb 15
So to get Stiles to calm down, all we need is some dragon nip
natcoop22 natcoop22 Feb 27
Ethan, go back to Jackson. (who am I kidding? They're amazing)
‘RAWR. I’M A MIGHTY DRAGON *flies into wall* Okay, not so mighty... but I’m still a DRAGON!!!’ 
                              ‘Oh my god, I just set someone on fire!’
                              My idea of Stiles as a dragon
Drama_Hoe Drama_Hoe Mar 12
... so I only watched one movie of Harry Potter and I fell asleep I know the joke I get it but I'm just like umm yeah... No.
I’m imagining a tiny Dylan doing this, and in my mind, IT’S ADORABLE
                              But it’s funny cuz he ends up face planting and taking down Scott (in my mind)
stiles24stilinskiXD stiles24stilinskiXD Apr 25, 2016
Awweee your welcome plus I know this stort will be great! ♡♡