Once In A Millennium

Once In A Millennium

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What if Stiles was kicked out of McCall-Hale pack?
What if Stiles had known about the supernatural before Scott was bitten?
What if Stiles was the supernatural?

I suppose the chance of this is only One in a Millennium...

Set after Season 3a

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So to get Stiles to calm down, all we need is some dragon nip
natcoop22 natcoop22 Feb 27
Ethan, go back to Jackson. (who am I kidding? They're amazing)
‘RAWR. I’M A MIGHTY DRAGON *flies into wall* Okay, not so mighty... but I’m still a DRAGON!!!’ 
                              ‘Oh my god, I just set someone on fire!’
                              My idea of Stiles as a dragon
Ethan ur in big trouble i thought u were the nice twin how dare u
Drama_Hoe Drama_Hoe Mar 12
... so I only watched one movie of Harry Potter and I fell asleep I know the joke I get it but I'm just like umm yeah... No.
I’m imagining a tiny Dylan doing this, and in my mind, IT’S ADORABLE
                              But it’s funny cuz he ends up face planting and taking down Scott (in my mind)