Our Road to Home

Our Road to Home

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Gayyoxx By Gayyoxx Updated Jul 23

After the Billboard Chinese Award, it was obvious that Huang Jingyu and Xu Weizhou could not be seen together in public. The threat from sparft censor bureau was never spoken but imminent. While both Jingyu and Zhouzhou cherish their bond, they are also concerned about the other's career and future. Thus, they decide to enter public separation phase, thinking that as long as they can still see each other in private, they would be alright.

However, Fate always prepares surprises for both of them and the road to home for Jingyu and Zhouzhou is not always as smooth as they thought it would be.

Disclaimer: FANFICTION. Does not represent the actors' feelings, opinions and activities.

This is part of stories on Chinese actors/idols Huang Jingyu and Xu Weizhou, who received ban from Chinese government on February 2016 and faced perilous journey in their life.

Works on Jingyu and Zhouzhou:

1. Love that Bloom (on going), tells the stories of Jingyu and Zhouzhou from their first meeting up to Shanghai FM and first ban by Chinese government.
2. The Colour of Life (completed, 50 chapters), tells the stories of Jingyu and Zhouzhou after the ban up to Billboard Chinese Award night.
3. Our Road to Home (on going), tells the stories of Jingyu and Zhouzhou after the award night.

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