The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract [SAMPLE ONLY / PUBLISHED UNDER SUMMIT SIZZLE ]

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Alyssa Urbano By AerithSage Completed
[TEASERS] Doomed from the start...
    Nikos Demakis and Cassia Andrade were married under a billion-dollar company merger contract. Nikos isn't ready to give up his playboy lifestyle, and Cassia is far from the glittering socialite that their elite circle expects. Events force them to live separate lives.
    Ten years later, Nikos is ready to give it all up and settle down with the wife he only sees once a year. Cassia is also ready to settle down...just not with Nikos. 
    Will Cassia once again surrender herself to the man who scarred her forever? Or will she give up her inherited fortune to leave and never look back? Will they still be able to fulfill the terms of their billion-dollar marriage contract, when death and danger stalk them at every turn?
I hate when people do this, we go on wattpad to read free books if we wanted to buy it we would go to target or something
hello... were can I find and read the rest of the chapter please see..
it says that the old version would be available until march. 27. today is the 19th And I'm only getting a ssample of tthe book.  what's up with that !?!?!
the book was superb , but sis why don't you update it fully on wattpad , cause the last chappy that was up on this story kinda left me cliffhanging
Nabitin ako.. Sigh* Pero super thumbs up. Sana kahit one day lang mapost lahat ng pages.. :)
hey i love ur book its nice and interesting to read thanks for making a story that can be realistic than fake