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[ miraculous ladybug one-shots ]

This book basically contains Adrienette and Ladynoir one-shots, possibly its other sister ships; may it be fluff, heartbreak, and the rest are just random ideas from the author. The length of each one-shot would vary depending on its story. 

All story ideas came from the author, not unless it is stated. If a published one-shot from this book has any resemblance to another one-shot from a different book, it is purely coincidental. 

2017 | © aventurines

All characters used belong to ZAG Entertainment!

#440 in Fan Fiction (7/26/16)

                              A Tear fell on my cheek.............
blackcat212 blackcat212 Jul 02
Awwwwwwwwwww I think I just cryed a little...and mabey peed alittle
Literally what I tell my mom everyday 
                              Not even kidding I tell her this everytime we go to places
everyone is fangirling/boying over the fluff, and i'm just paying attention to the lack of contractions.
Chloé im proud but it's gonna take a wee bit more than a text. kay?
This is so relatable for me. 
                              Like NUUU just leave me with ma books and miraculous ladybug!