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adrien's hoe ´ ▽ ` )ノ By aventurines Updated Jan 06, 2017

[ miraculous ladybug one-shots ]

This book basically contains Adrienette and Ladynoir one-shots, possibly its other sister ships; may it be fluff, heartbreak, and the rest are just random ideas from the author. The length of each one-shot would vary depending on its story. 

All story ideas came from the author, not unless it is stated. If a published one-shot from this book has any resemblance to another one-shot from a different book, it is purely coincidental. 

2017 | © aventurines

All characters used belong to ZAG Entertainment!

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the_sunflower_dream the_sunflower_dream Mar 11, 2017
                              A Tear fell on my cheek.............
blackcat212 blackcat212 Jul 02, 2017
Awwwwwwwwwww I think I just cryed a little...and mabey peed alittle
PeaceandSteve PeaceandSteve Jul 08, 2017
Literally what I tell my mom everyday 
                              Not even kidding I tell her this everytime we go to places
celestialidiot celestialidiot May 29, 2017
everyone is fangirling/boying over the fluff, and i'm just paying attention to the lack of contractions.
fangirlfreak777 fangirlfreak777 Feb 02, 2017
This is so relatable for me. 
                              Like NUUU just leave me with ma books and miraculous ladybug!
-peaches_and_cream- -peaches_and_cream- Feb 26, 2017
Yeah , is really difficult to see me cry , in public... Music , wattpad and a pillow to hug are my friends when I need to break down...