Needing Harmony

Needing Harmony

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Jaliza A Burwell By JalizaBurwell Updated 7 days ago

Cadence Wiles is a seventeen-year-old musical genius. Even her names means "flow of rhythm." So it isn't a surprise that she relies on composing music to get away from the real world, to get away from her abusive mother while hiding her pain from her teachers and classmates. It's okay though. She just has to survive her senior year and then she will finally be free. 

But what is Cadence to do when she meets five boys who just won't leave her alone. Will she be able to trust them? Will they be able to break through her barriers and keep her safe?

WARNING: This story contains violence, strong language, and light sexual content. You have been warned!

This was an intense beginning but it definitely grabbed my attention. Great start. Thanks for the update 👏❤️👏❤️
I fail. I did not vote so i fail. I'm gonna go back and revote now. Whichhh doesn't bother me because now i can leave a ton of comments for you like i should.
I'm also a huge fan of RH❤️
                              I'm very excited to read your story. Thanks for sharing with us😁👏😁👏
Man that's heartbreaking. Great start in that regard. Stupid mother. One more year Cadence! One more year!