Loving you even if you can't love yourself (Nalu fanfic)

Loving you even if you can't love yourself (Nalu fanfic)

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Frozenflower158 By Frozenflower158 Updated Jun 09

Lucy is a mute ever since her parents death and blames herself and because of that people would bully her.

Natsu the most popular guy in school also the biggest play boy.

What happens when Natsu catches Lucy singing and slowly falls in love with her but Lucy only brings herself pain by pushing him and everyone away.

Can Natsu change Lucy?

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- - Jun 06, 2017
* is in a oddly happy mood * Hey Lisanna, i think you should start learning english seriously. I just noticed that you don't even have a beggar's knowledge
- - Jun 06, 2017
He means that you don't swoon over him unlike some bitchy bitchy bitch who bullies you
pikagirl111 pikagirl111 Jun 27
I thought it said Lucy fell asleep I was like what? That makes no sense! Did she get knocked out or something 
                              *reads comments* 
                              Then reread the page
                              Finally understands 
                              Oops ~ ^-^
KinanaMisoTayaki KinanaMisoTayaki Jan 16, 2017
Wait, you forgot that the girl you torment everyday cant speak?
                              How stupid are you?!
Bunnygirl413 Bunnygirl413 Dec 22, 2016
Me: *growls* LET ME AT HER!!! *struggles against Sebastian Michaelis' grip as he holds me back*
Azazazz099 Azazazz099 Aug 24
I seriously can't hate on lis no matter how bad she is. I just lover her as a character in ft so much, she's my favorite character :3