Serendipity (MariChat)

Serendipity (MariChat)

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Aly Wynn By alyxwynn Updated Jun 28

"The Parisian night lights never ceased to amaze me. The busy bustle of city life always quieted down to a soft sweet jazz, never failing to capture the hearts of lovers. It wasn't something that could be seen or heard, it had to be experienced. Like how wine tasted better in the company of someone you loved, it couldn't be explained even with the vast expanse of words." - Chapter 1: Black Cat

serendipity (n.) - the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way

   Marinette Dupain-Cheng x Chat Noir. I do not own these characters, credit to come-back king, Thomas Astruc. Also, credit to the owner of the cover-art, I need a ton peanut butter to go with the amount of jelly I have for you ;)

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I agree, u have a true talent!! I am dying of too much cuteness here!!
                              I am too young to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meh. 12 isn't much. ;)
*Imagines it* *falls off bed fangirling*
                              *dies of the cuteness*
I love love love this story and I only just started reading it! You have a very good vocabulary and the way you described Paris was so poetic and romantic and beautiful and I love it!
KujiraWhale KujiraWhale Nov 24
Wow! I'm so impressed😍 You write so wonderfully, a clear scene is depicted in my mind! I look forward to continue reading😊 keep up the good work.
Great story! If you could find the name of the artist of the cover, that'd be great as well. 😎📚👍🏻
How they are the same person , they look the same, smell the same I still don't understand how he doesn't realize it's ladybug, it is so clear