Age Of Miracles | Pietro Maximoff

Age Of Miracles | Pietro Maximoff

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Madison D. Moore By SaveTheBrooklynBoys Updated 3 days ago

Book Three
Following Age of Glory and Age of Darkness

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The girl, Elaine, winces, stumbling as she holds her side. Her hand stains with blood insantly. Without hesitating, Sif rushes over to her, helping her stand. "You are hurt, young one. You have just come from battle, I think."

Elaine nods, but tries to push Sif away. "I must give her a warning. I must..." Before she can say another word, Elaine falls to the ground, her eyes fluttering closed as the wound in her side pour blood. 

Sif turns to Hogun. "Run! Get help!" Hogun nods, turning and rushing away at furious speed. Sif turns back to the mysterious girl, holding a hand to her wound. "Do not fear. Hogun has gone for Eir, our healer. She will make you well." Elaine continues to mumble unrecognizable things. "What is it? Who are you trying to get to?"

Elaine turns to Sif, grabbing the warrior by her arm. Sif's attention is caught, focusing only on the next words that she utters.

"I must speak with Gloria Maximoff."

· ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ ·

It's been five years since the Maximoffs said goodbye to the Avengers and their old lives. As far as the world knows, they're long dead. Living in Sokovia has treated them well, but everyone feels that something is coming.

When Thor comes back to Earth for the first time in years, he tells of a girl who came through the Bifrost with one of the Infinity Stones in her possession: the Time Stone. She claims to be from the future and comes with a apocalyptic message: The universe itself will be destroyed if Glory and the Avengers can't change the past.

Thanos is coming, with him Death and destruction, as he claims each Infinity Stone for his own. This is the Infinity War Glory has been dreading.

Who is Elaine Nomad? Is she who she says she is? Will Glory and Pietro be able to pull the Avengers back together to save the universe from Thanos? Will this dance with Death be the end of the Avengers?

{Cover by @CaroDelMonte 2017}

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