group chat 2 // r.r [✔️]

group chat 2 // r.r [✔️]

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y/n means your name 

-panic! at the disco-
*brendon urie-Brendong Urie
*dallon weekes-daaaaallon 
*jon walker-Jon is walking
*kenny harris-kenny is hairy
*ryan ross-RyRoss
*spencer smith-Spncr Smth

-fall out boy-
*andy hurley-crossfit is lit
*joe trohman-Joe Hamhands
*patrick stump-Patrick Tree
*pete wentz-Pepe > Pete

-twenty one pilots-
*josh dun-jish dune 
*tyler joseph-21 Tyler Josephs

-my chemical romance-
*frank iero-fronk
*gerard way-Gerxrd Wxy
*mikey way-Moikey Yay
*ray toro-stingray toro

*alex babinski-Alex Babe-inski
*brian macdonald-Brian MacNugget 
*lynn gunn-Lynn Rifle

-green day-
*billie joe armstrong-billie no
*mike dirnt- mike don't 
*tré cool-I am cool

*hayley williams-Hey-ley Williams
*jeremy davis- Jeremy Dingus
*taylor york-Taylor York City

*amy lee- McFallen by Evanescence 
*ben moody- Ben
*jen majura- Jen Marijuana 
*tim mccord- Timmy Turner

-sleeping with sirens-
*gabe barham- gabe braman 
*jack fowler- fowl fowler 
*justin hills- boom boom 
*kellin quinn-sleeping with Vic ;)
*nick martin- nyoom nyoom 

-pierce the veil-
*jaime preciado- jaime pre- idk 
*mike fuentes- my name is no
*tony perry- pierce the tony 
*vic fuentes-Vic fire

*breezy weekes-Breezy Weezy
*halsey-Young God
*jenna joseph-Jennaa 
*lindsey way-Lyn to the Z
*melanie martinez-Crybaby Mel
*oliver sykes-bring me the yikes 
*sarah urie-Sarah!!
*z berg-Zbra

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iliana_wants_a_taco iliana_wants_a_taco Jul 04, 2017
I'm reading this because my friend said this gc is our friends
Goatzzz Goatzzz Feb 17, 2017
Well I once started making scrambled eggs in my sleep and then I woke up all of a sudden and saw that I was ACTUALLY making scrambled eggs without the pan on... THANK GOD
-issabelluh -issabelluh Apr 22, 2016
me at any social event (my bedroom counts right i mean socializig with my laptop is a thing...... right?)