Repulsive Love (Yandere! Mettaton EX x Female! Reader) [HIATUS]

Repulsive Love (Yandere! Mettaton EX x Female! Reader) [HIATUS]

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oOoOoOoOo By Skeledoot Updated Dec 11, 2016


"We'll be together forever~"

You are a human who fell into the mountain, named Mt.Ebott. The next thing you know...You're trapped in Mettaton's house? How did you get here? Were you kidnapped or is this a joke ? What is happening? 

Read to find out ♪( '▽`) 

This is a Au where Mettaton is a Yandere :3 and you, the reader, is the human who is being loved by this psychopathic robot. 


(May have Swearing, gore, and some disturbing content! READ AT OWN RISK)

First Yandere Mettaton fanfic too! 

*I do not own anything, Undertale and art belong to respectful owners*


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IDontPlayNiceM8 IDontPlayNiceM8 Aug 21, 2017
This table is mine
                              This hot robot is mine
                              And this triangle sign
1-800_Nam_Chu 1-800_Nam_Chu Jun 29, 2017
At this point I don't think my blue eye would even be showing (I'm emo, part of my hair covers my left eye, which is blue. The visible one is green)
SpinosaurusPlays SpinosaurusPlays Nov 05, 2017
Metta: I love pink! I love every kind of pink!
                              Draco: *Covers her ears* MY EARS AND EYES
Spacestone Spacestone Mar 10
When you’re TIRED of the DARK NIGHT, and need someone to hold. I’ll be your FIRE in the cold rain... I’m never gonna let you go... (Let You Go by Illenium)
1-800_Nam_Chu 1-800_Nam_Chu Jun 29, 2017
Well, I'm sticking to Blooky, Asriel, I'm not fond of you Flowey your just a tiny joke, and Mettaton, there's just too much Yandereness in your programming
1-800_Nam_Chu 1-800_Nam_Chu Jun 29, 2017
Frick he pulled my gorgeous white hair (Marie Antoinette syndrome) 
                              HE's GoNNa DiE FoR THaT, SerENe, I'm GOnNa KIlL HiM FOr THIs