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I Hate You

I Hate You

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howell By lexillamahowell Completed

"You like her don't you?"

"No Adam! I fucking hate her! She's so fucking annoying! She purposely annoys me and it pisses me off!"

"Max, being annoying is her way of flirting."

Max runs a hand through his hair and takes a shallow breath.

"Well shit."

Mithzan Max fanfiction

My original story line, don't copy or continue this story. I put a lot of time developing the main character, Alex, and I dislike it very much when people comment things acting like it's an x-reader. If you would like to imagine it says your name instead of Alex, feel free, but know it is not an x-reader.

DISCLAIMER: there are small differences between in the book and real life

Completed as of 16/11/2016 ~ 1:41 am
DO NOT ASK FOR A SEQUEL - you can't imagine how annoying the word sequel has become for me.

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Omggggg I found it 😂 you don't understand how long I've spent looking for this "book" like I had it on my old account and omgggg yesssss 😱😱😱😂😂
Is it bad that when she said "Just shut up and drive." I thought of the song (I think it was Rhinna) someone sang and it went 'Just shut up and drive, drive, drive. Just shut up and drive.'
LilSquidGaming LilSquidGaming Sep 22, 2016
I'm just gonna change it in mah mind XD don't judge I like salad just not as much. JOEY SALADS RUINED MY APPETITE
                              BEEF N CHEESE
                              N LETTYUS 
                              (Ily if u know what song)
I tried only lasted around 5 minutes (I'm sorry you vegetarians are STRONG)
Panda_pens Panda_pens Nov 25, 2016
The turkey for thanksgiving didnt cook so we basiclly had a vegatarian thanksgiving