I Hate You

I Hate You

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by: amazingjaxinof
wattpad is fucked and wont say my username it says my old one


"You like her don't you?"

"No Adam! I fucking hate her! She's so fucking annoying! She purposely annoys me and it pisses me off!"

"Max, being annoying is her way of flirting."

Max runs a hand through his hair and takes a shallow breath.

"Well shit."

Mithzan Max fanfiction

My original story line, don't copy or continue this story. I put a lot of time developing the main character, Alex, and I dislike it very much when people comment things acting like it's an x-reader. If you would like to imagine it says your name instead of Alex, feel free, but know it is not an x-reader.

DISCLAIMER: there are small differences between in the book and real life

Completed as of 16/11/2016 ~ 1:41 am
DO NOT ASK FOR A SEQUEL - you can't imagine how annoying the word sequel has become for me.

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Sententiously Sententiously May 23, 2017
I just imagined Barney, Ross, Max, Red and Tim crammed in the back seat.
Foxeta Foxeta Jan 13
I kinda heard about Erased. I heard a cover of one of the songs and Domics the anime-tor recommend it in a couple of his vids
PointlessProductions PointlessProductions Jul 15, 2017
I like how when j here Ross I finish that by saying "the anime queen"
BlueLord100 BlueLord100 Jun 27, 2017
I don't have natural strawberry blonde hair but I dyed it a dark red color and now it's a strawberry blonde
AngieTheWalrus AngieTheWalrus Dec 10, 2017
hElP mE pOlariZe hElP mE pOlaRiZe
                              I listen to a lot of tøp patd and fob leave mE BE
I have Beach blonde hair that fades to dark gray, I say that's close enough right?