I Hate You

I Hate You

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"You like her don't you?"

"No Adam! I fucking hate her! She's so fucking annoying! She purposefully annoys me and it pisses me off!"

"Max, being annoying is her way of flirting."

Max runs a hand through his hair and takes a shallow breath.

"Well shit."

Mithzan Max fanfiction

Don't copy you lil shits.

DISCLAIMER: everything may not be the same as it is in real life. Nothing huge, just like different branded phones or gaming consoles for SSB or empty desks.

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LilSquidGaming LilSquidGaming Sep 22, 2016
I'm just gonna change it in mah mind XD don't judge I like salad just not as much. JOEY SALADS RUINED MY APPETITE
billcipher15 billcipher15 Aug 18, 2016
I tried and made it two minutes. Well, my friend didn't really help lol she sat a plate of chicken in front of me and made me sit there watching it
SuperBurgerGirl SuperBurgerGirl Aug 11, 2016
Shut us and drive with me (its a song but i changed the lyrics)
                              BEEF N CHEESE
                              N LETTYUS 
                              (Ily if u know what song)
Bluelilly1 Bluelilly1 Aug 21, 2016
Ok, when he said Alex, who else thought of the Minecraft Alex skin
Panda_pens Panda_pens Nov 25, 2016
The turkey for thanksgiving didnt cook so we basiclly had a vegatarian thanksgiving