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Alpha, Beta, Omega

Alpha, Beta, Omega

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Lorie Mitchell By loriemitchell Completed

F/M/M Story - Kali Edridge looks like your every day, average all-American college student. But Kali has a secret. She's not like most people. She is a werewolf. But she doesn't really fit in well with the rest of her pack. She's too docile. Too kind. Too submissive. Even her family thinks she's odd. But when she accidentally meets the leaders of a rival pack things begin to change. They don't treat her like she's odd. Don't look at her like there's something wrong with her. And she quickly finds herself torn between loyalty to her pack and the need to be accepted as she is.

Avaglo Avaglo May 21
No funny but the most messed up thing a parent can do to their child
daddylovesme- daddylovesme- 2 days ago
ugh i know someone like this she legit posted on her sc "my dad won't let me get a new backpacks it's only $540" ....... she's too much
gysomad gysomad Oct 22, 2016
I'm the eldest and I can promise you my stepdad gone buy my sisters a car before me even tho I'm 9+ years older than them
steamyfictioner21 steamyfictioner21 Nov 29, 2016
Do you many books I could get with that?!? What do you mean just 300 dollars!?! little girl if you don't sit your little a$$ down...
I know I should be more shocked over the fact that it is a bike vs. a car but a dark red bike ? Hopefully it's not period blood red
pandasndonuts pandasndonuts May 23, 2016
this is basically what's gonna happen in two years when I try to get my car. watch my dad buy me a bike and call it a small car