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Black Rage

Black Rage

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tylizzle By flawed- Updated Nov 16, 2016

tyler: woke and pissed.
no filter, you may be offended.

[this mostly deals with issues in america. if you come here with some "well, white people are oppressed in blah blah blah." i will put you in your place about derailing topics. your country wouldn't go into war and become allies with someone else when they don't even have the necessary tools for their own survival, would they? think of this like that.]

joshaiel joshaiel Mar 29
Confederate flags used to have a good meaning, now they just remind me of toothless hillbillies.
tiauna2832 tiauna2832 May 15
I hate it when I class in history we learning bout slavery and I'm just looking around with my friends sometime to make sure no white people looking at us like don't feel bad or anything but stop looking at us I know I'm black but y'all don't got to look at annoying ass rednecks😒
sqxidink sqxidink Aug 29, 2016
!!this is so- i dont even have words for this but goddamn,,
                              thank you
charIiekeImeckis charIiekeImeckis Aug 07, 2016
in sixth grade i told a kid to fück off because he wouldnt leave us alone and he called me a niggèr. i went to the vp and she gave him 15 minutes on the wall at recess for "inappropriate" language and I got 10. Public school is a joke.
Riddle me this: in this book that I have read for less than a minute, why do I have respect for you more than I normally have for people
so_amazin so_amazin Aug 22, 2016
I went to the outdoor shooting range with my dad and the was like 5 people the with confederate flags😑