『10523』KuroKen AU

『10523』KuroKen AU

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Kuroo Tetsurou, a 17 year old from Perth, WA.

Kenma Kozume, a 16 year old from Minnesota, USA.

10,523 Miles apart.

Kozume Kenma, a young Instagram star who post's aesthetic photos, outfits only a few people could hold up. A gamer girl who has an account that no one she knew personally should ever find. A girl who was born wrapped in baby blue, a girl who's skirt collection is far too beautiful to be hidden away in boxes. 

Tetsurou Kuroo, a teen who's working part time at a pizza restaurant. A boy who's social life is full, a boy who'd often times rather stay at home, browsing the Internet. 

Social media, truly a great place. A place for people to communicate, to explore, to discover. 

They started as acquaintances. They moved to friends, the friendzone sucks, they say it's a cage that you can never escape, but does that really apply? 

>Hey, I like your account, your skirts are really cute

>thank you 

|xkenmu followed you|

『☆G É L E N   A U☆』

This is the best quote ever thank you, thank you so much,  that hetrosexuality just  flyin out the window like a majestic ass bird
Hey I'm loving the story. I think I'm going to draw kenma in some of these pictures and clothes you describe. If I do would you like to see?
ON Instagram I follow 65 and I have 600 followers I'm so meAN
Question: Is Kenma actually a girl in this, or does Kuroo just think he is..?