Forbidden Romance  (Billdip)

Forbidden Romance (Billdip)

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The one who causes death, Bill Cipher.
The ones who bring life, Dipper.
And one who keeps the peace between the two, Mabel.

Life and death, exact opposites each one barely able to dominate the other. 

Some say their enemy's fighting for power, others say there friends staying out of each other's way.

But just a few know the truth about Life and Death and it maybe time for others to learn as well about the relation Dipper Pines and Bill Cipher shared...

So I'm a terrible person lol I was just, like, laughing this whole time
And so life asked death
                              "Death, why do people love me but hate you?"
                              Death replied 
                              "Because you are a beautiful lie, and I am the ugly truth."
                              I think that's how it goes. Plus this really reminded me of that
Valorie1 Valorie1 Apr 30
Seriously not gonna lie, thought this was gonna be shite. Glad I read it anyway
Scythes are my favorite weapons! They are so cool looking! *pulls out scythe* does the mention of a scythe remind anyone of soul eater? No? Just me? Ok.
Why does the soul retrieving and death scythe stuff remind me of shinigamis and demons from black butler???
parkerthememeking parkerthememeking Dec 28, 2016
i love this a lot, but the grammar mistakes are giving me anxiety... (not being rude, i swear)