Forbidden Romance  (Billdip)

Forbidden Romance (Billdip)

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BilldipSinner By BilldipSinner Completed

The one who causes death, Bill Cipher.
The ones who bring life, Dipper.
And one who keeps the peace between the two, Mabel.

Life and death, exact opposites each one barely able to dominate the other. 

Some say their enemy's fighting for power, others say there friends staying out of each other's way.

But just a few know the truth about Life and Death and it maybe time for others to learn as well about the relation Dipper Pines and Bill Cipher shared...

Whisper413 Whisper413 Aug 08
*wow this is amazing I love it
                              I really don't see how "I love it" could turn into please update
This was amazing!!!!!! And Bill's message I.........oh my god. This is AWESOME!!!!!!!
*crying because this story is heaven* 
                              I can't think anymore...
So is this like the God of death X the God of life fanfiction type?
                              I'M INTO THIS :D
I always look at the comments before reading ,well,looks like this story is damn amazing.