Stolen Heart (Zenix x Reader) [✔️]

Stolen Heart (Zenix x Reader) [✔️]

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{#1 in Zenix x Reader}


❝I didn't think you loved me like that...❞ Zenix breathes, his eyes wide. I see marks from the knife on his cheeks too and I weep more.
❝WELL I DO LOVE YOU, ZENIX!❞ I burst out. Zenix blushes and I do too after realizing what I said, ❝I do love you...❞

 After your brother tells you about the new neighborhood he's moved into, you decide to make a fresh start and move in as well. You never expect to make close friends right away. Or to have two guys fall in love with you at the same time. You also never expect for your friends to beg you to help them sabotage a relationship, or to find out that these are the same people you went to high school with! Welcome to life on MyStreet, where nothing is ever ordinary. Who you truly love is right before your eyes; just look beneath his scars and bruises to find him.

***Check out the sequel, Thriving Heart (Zenix x Reader)***


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                              Black like Zane's soul...wait he has no soul
I ship Garmau in all series except Starlight because I finally think Aarmau is good for once 0.o 
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                              Dark indigo
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It's okay I don't really care even tho I ship them hardcore I'm not gonna hate for your opinion
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I don't ship Dancole and anyone that hates this comment can go f*** a palm tree