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Everything Wrong with Warrior Cats (Spoilers) {#Wattys2016}

Everything Wrong with Warrior Cats (Spoilers) {#Wattys2016}

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♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ By DuskyKat Updated Mar 21

Please be warned most of this is my own opinion. Also this is my own original idea so if you want to make something based off of it please mention me.

YearlyAquariAce YearlyAquariAce Jul 21, 2016
Sorry but
                              Firestar: I'm an acute angle yayayayayayayayayay I'm smaller than 90° and I'm pointy at the end yayayayyayayayayayyayay
Sakamoto267 Sakamoto267 Jun 09, 2016
Here's something wrong with warriors: Jayfeather falls in love with HalfMoon and its all dramatic and etc.
                              Yet. Half the fandom still ships him with a stick.
- - Jun 23, 2016
Thunderclan is the Mary-Sue clan. They always make you believe they're the ones who is trying to do the right thing ALL THE TIME!! It's so annoying.
Scourge_lover156 Scourge_lover156 Jun 09, 2016
Don't forget that every medicine cat after Featherwhisker fell in love. *Cough* Leafpool Sucks *Cough*
_SiennaGuacamole_ _SiennaGuacamole_ May 04, 2016
I FEEL THAT WAY TOO.although probably all the clans came from rouges loners and Kitty pets XD
delta-cat delta-cat Oct 18, 2016
Honey, you could use this cool little gadget: it's called a dictionary.