rivalry ; k.a

rivalry ; k.a

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arianna. By tbdsmoochie Updated Oct 10, 2016

dana's pov

Kevin is late again! What is his problem. I'm way more important than  his stupid "bros".  I have to break up with that ugly kid. I never wanted him anyways. I use him for the fame and da mula. He don't mean shhi to me. 

kevin's pov

I was with my bros working on our new album. Me and my girl Dana were supposed to meet at Gino's restaurant. I was late. I hate when I'm late because she always acts like a bvtch. I have to go now before she leaves. 

"bye guys I have to go before Dana leaves." I said to the boys.

"why are you still with her bro? she's so rude to you." said Devin while putting his hand on my shoulder. 

"Facts bro, I'm sorry to tell you but because I love you I'm gonna say this...she's just using you." agreed Daniel. 

"Man! You know what?" I slapped Devin's hand off of my shoulder. 

"I never asked y'all for y'all opinions. And she's not using me, she loves me okay. Sorry you guys don't have a girl. That's ya problem. Bye I'm late." I yelled while running o...

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Zahra_Jatta Zahra_Jatta Nov 27, 2017
i disagree he is fine as hell bruh and that is bare shady omfl
Clace_4life Clace_4life Jun 30, 2016
Oh hell to the naaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! Bish I'm bouta slap that weave off you
Tinashekashingwe Tinashekashingwe Oct 06, 2016
Body 👅👅👅💦💦💦💦💦😋😋😋😋😋😋
pizzaxrella pizzaxrella May 08, 2016
Although this a story I wanna fight her 😭 she just rude asf
- - Jan 29, 2017
Woah woah woah woah woah hold the mofo phone. Keviekev is FAR and I mean up in heaven far from ugly. Unlike yo a$$ who is ugly asf. So I don't know who the h-hell ya thought u was but I suggest if you don't want me to crawl up from hell and kill yo a$$ you should watch it
- - Jan 29, 2017
Hey Shari don't lie. Y'all was both blessed double time with good genes. So when she says u smoochie she don't lie.