Mine {A Harry Potter Love Story} #Wattys2016

Mine {A Harry Potter Love Story} #Wattys2016

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xxElliexx By elliemay9230 Updated Jan 08

Jade Dawson is the daughter of Pure-Blood parents, Zoe and Alfie Dawson. 

When she's 11, she gets her Hogwarts letter and gets ready with the Weasleys (her second family, basically). 

On the Hogwarts Express, Jade meets The Boy Who Lived a.k.a Harry Potter. It is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

Will it go further than friendship?

Join Jade, Harry, Ron and Hermione as they explore the Wizarding world...

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*None of these characters belong to me apart from Jade Dawson and her family. They all belong to the wonderful J.K Rowling.*

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tamaldy tamaldy Aug 25
Everyone is like, Shadowhunters and Clary Fairchild and I'm like, HEATHER MCNAMARA!!
I knew it was them as soon as I saw the name Zoe and Alfie in the description
Mikeywestcott Mikeywestcott Oct 31, 2016
I may like blonde girls better but this oh I would sooo want her number.
KaylaSnow7 KaylaSnow7 Dec 22, 2016
I like Redheads way better idk why but..I've always had a sofeside for them.
grac3n grac3n Dec 16, 2016
When I saw perrie I literally thought of little mix 😂😂
_TotallyInnocent_ _TotallyInnocent_ Jun 10, 2016
My eyes played tricks on me and,and I thought that said "Let's get your boobs first"