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Zodiac High

Zodiac High

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✨ By awesomedonut4 Updated Feb 05

Zodiac High isn't your ordinary high school. There are 12 very unique students, who for some reason are kept apart from the rest of the school. The other students wonder why these 12 are so different and why they're given special treatment. The students themselves don't even know... Except for one of them who spills too much information and puts all 12 students at risk of their secret being revealed- to everyone.

                              Me (Scorpio)
                              Mom (Taurus)
                              Capricorn ( @BrookeSanderson )
                              DeLannie (Aquarius)
                              Allison (Pisces)!
Why is Pisces always portrayed as female? There's two fish, so wouldn't they be identical twins (different genders) [same with Gemini]
Why does everyone hate being a boy in these stories like i'm a girl and u dont tell me how I act so reading as a boy maybe will help determine how id be if I was a boy
hopejoyyyy hopejoyyyy Jan 08
Ugh, I hate when Gemini is "known" for a male character. Like, I'm a Gemini and I'm a female. Almost every story I find about Zodiacs is that the Gemini is mostly a guy. Does anyone feel the same about their Sign?
@JPxoxo4  I have a problem with ever book like this why is A FREAKING ARIES A MALE?????
SnowCakes SnowCakes Jan 09
Same @hopejoyyyy Aries is always a boy. Maybe it would add some excitement to switch it around sometimes ....