Shades of Darkness [ON HOLD {forever}]

Shades of Darkness [ON HOLD {forever}]

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hunghades By hunghades Updated Dec 14, 2010

Casey and her siblings, along with their aunt, are on the run. Pursued since their parents deaths 6 years before, The Dougals must use whatever tools they have to escape.

Like Emma's mind reading, Rance's shielding, Tanny's diamond hard skin, and Casey's shadow-shaping.

They have eluded the Chat Noir-- a mystical and sadistic society of assassins, trackers and geniuses shrouded in death and bloodshed based in Canada-- for 6 years now, since their parents Sybil and Aaron were murdered by the Chat Noir.

Casey and her family have been hunted town to town, city to city, state to state, with nowhere to go, nowhere to call home.

But the Chat Noir aren't the only people looking for the Dougals. A government run facility for people with powers, which Casey, Emma, and Rance's parents worked for is on their trail too-- but for different reasons.

Leo only has one person he can depend on: himself. But he's not even sure he can trust himself anymore. His sister is bitter after a gunshot wound leaves her a paraplegic, his mother is emotionally devoid after the brutal murder of his father 6 years before, and his little brother-- Leo isn't sure Shay's all that there.

It seems like any other mission-- get the mutant, get out, come back-- but when Casey, Emma, and Rance Dougal's files land on his eggs and bacon, along with their aunt's, Intan "Tanny" Halyn's, nothing will be the same again. The first time he met her, it was nothing new. But the second time? Cataclysmic.

Betrayal is imminent for both of them though, and unseen forces change the fabric of the lives they once lived.

(BS i know, but i'm horrible at these things)

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