In the eye of the storm *A FANFIC *

In the eye of the storm *A FANFIC *

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Pearl_white By Pearl_white Updated Sep 08

Not by far even close to doing justice to Rob Thiers original, this my fellow ifrits is to placate you while you impatiently wait for Wednesdays.

'Shutup & drink this.' He commanded, extending a cup of vile liquid towards my face.

I eyed it distastefully, it looked pukeworthy.

His eyes narrowed infinitesimally at the face I was making.

'You will drink this miss Linton & I will brook no arguments.'

I looked up at his face to see determination set in stone.

'No.' I shook my head 

'Would you rather I force it down your throat?' He asked calmly.

I glared at him. 'You wouldn't dare!'

nissaa nissaa Oct 28
Imagine a manly deep baritone voice... i dont need him to sing just talk allll night long haha
I LUV THIS!! This sounds so cool!!!
                              Keep writing spiffingly!! I shall most definetely tell more of my friends to read this XDXDXD
lhunt100 lhunt100 Apr 22
Ha ha that was funny ;P Well done
                              Have you messaged Sir Rob about this? He might put it on his fanfic reading list (not sure if it is already)
*opens cold water faucet* ok come in here boy, chop chop! Time for a shower
How come she's still miss linton if they are pretending to be husband and wife?
Yes girl, you're strong as hell! Long live suffragism! Long live womanhood!